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Component 2: Market Access and Trade

The expected outcome of this component is to enable the pastoral and agro pastoral communities access market opportunities and improve their trade. The component has the following sub-components: (i) construction of market infrastructure and establishing a market information system for pastoral and agro-pastoral communities; and (ii) improving livestock mobility and trade of livestock and livestock products.

Sub-component 2.1: Market Support Infrastructure and Information Systems

This sub-component aims at increasing access to markets and market information by drought-prone communities at national and regional levels. The sub-component will construct and rehabilitate key livestock marketing structures, and veterinary laboratories in the Project districts. It will also focus on significantly increasing the percentage of pastoralists accessing national and regional market information in the targeted communities through providing a network of information gathering and dissemination centers and mobile phones.

Sub-component 2.2: Improving Mobility and Trade of Livestock and Livestock Products

This sub-component aims at improving the mobility of pastoral communities within and outside the country. The sub-component focuses on simplifying and harmonizing regional trade policies, standards, tariffs, and animal identification and certification systems. It will upgrade, where they exist and set up where they do not exist veterinary diagnostic facilities. The laboratories will be equipped and provided with reagents for bacteriology and parasitological diagnosis. The sub-component will also rehabilitate quarantine centers in the project districts and provide funds for their operations and maintenance.

In order to realize increased participation of pastoral communities in trading in livestock and livestock products, the sub-component will build the capacity through training of national and regional unions of pastoralists and traders associations as well as cooperatives so as to enhance enforcement of trade agreements and natural resource sharing.