Brief of the social and environmental screening and site verification exercise

The exercise was a social and environmental screening which is an initial step in which, a project will be considered for environmental assessment as well as, the level and focus of the assessment as per the Third Schedule of the National Environment Act Cap 153. This forms an input to the comprehensive analysis of the project and its effects (positive and negative) on the environment and a description of the mitigation measures that will be carried out in order to avoid or minimize these effects as incorporated in the bills of quantities of the sub-projects.

The exercise was carried out in in December 2016 in the 12 Project Districts. It focused on the proposed sites for the water and livestock marketing infrastructure.  The infrastructure screened included: 6 valley dams, 7 valley tanks, 4 regional markets, 10 hinterland cattle markets, 7 quarantine stations, 3 border check points, 5holding grounds, 12 slaughter sheds and 37 communal crushes.

The purpose of the screening exercise was to: gather basic data on the environmental and social conditions of the sub-project site; and Identification of potential positive and negative environmental and social impacts generic to the proposed projects.The exercise was meant to precede the design of site specific infrastructure to be constructed in the Districts.