5th ISM Visit

The one-week 5th ISM RPLRP mission began on 8th May 2017 with fieldvisits to the RPLRP Project districts of Kaabong, Kotido and Abim Districts and concluded with technical meetings in Entebbe on 15th May 2017.The ISM team constituted of; Dr. DerejeWakjira the regional IGAD RPLRP Coordinator, Mr Peter Goodman World Bank TTL, Washington, Mr Kevin Crockford World Bank TTL, Uganda, Ms. Georgina Manyuru, World Bank Uganda Social Safeguard Specialist, with the RPLRP Uganda team headed by Dr. Stephen Kajura the National Project Coordinator , Dr Martin Kasirye Head Component Market Access and Trade , Mr. James Kiwolu Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist RPLRP-Uganda and Ms. Vanessa Namayanja Communication specialist.

The mission went into seeing how far the project has come. The first district visited was Kaabong where the ISM met with District CAO, RDC and LCV Chairman, the who expressed their gratitude for the project interventions in the district and further said that the district really needed water reservoirs as it was also catering for the water needs of the Turkana people and their livestock, an update on how funds of the last release were spent was given by the District Veterinary Officer Dr.Logwee and the project progress were given.

The World Bank TTL from Washington Mr Peter Goodman advised the district officials to develop a water management plan and also urgently implement the project activities to recover lost time. Mr Kevin Crockford the World Bank Project TTL advised the district to fast track activities such that the project implements the activities on time. The Mission visited Kapedo and Lobelle cattle crush where vaccination was being carried out by the Community Animal Health Workers using CBPP and PPR vaccines provided by the project.

Mr.Lemu Thomas the KamionSubcounty Chief in Kaabong District took the team through the history of the proposed valley dam site located in KamionSubcounty – Usake Parish in Kaabong District which serves both the Ik, Dodoth and pastoralists from South Sudan and Kenya.
The project is to build several dams such as the Longoromit valley dam in the Project area to curb the effects of drought and climate change. This dam was built by the Directorate of Water Resourcess in the Ministry of Water and Environment in 2012 and is used for several purposes in Kotido District and more of suchdams are to be constructed by RPLRP in the different project districts.

Kotido district was visited on the 9th May 2017
The ISM in Kotido District started with a meeting chaired by the Chief Administrative Officer of KotidoMr Joshua Mabiya who thanked the government and World Bank for its support to the district through the different interventions and was also grateful for the vehicles, computers and other equipment that RPLRP was providing. It was noted that the district had 16 medium dams which always dried up in the dry season therefore making water access very difficult for the pastoralists. The National Project Coordinator Dr. Stephen Kajura thanked the District team for accommodating the Turkanas and for carrying out project activities with commitment. However, the district was facing challenges of drought and livestock disease outbreaks of tick borne diseases and trypanasomiasis to which the project was providing vaccines to curb the outbreak.

The third district visited on 10th May 2017 is Abim District
The visited started with an official meeting with the District leaders and the CAO and RDC thanked the team for the interventions and equipment such as the vehicles and computers received by the district. It was noted that Abim had zeroed on the sites to be developed for the infrastructure and was fast in implementing its project activities. The ISM tea commended the district for fast tracking activities and for the commitment from the district leaders.

The 5TH World Bank Implementation Support Mission (ISM) for RPLRP was launched at the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal industry and Fisheries and Agriculture with a call on stakeholders to work collaboratively to help the project to deliver on its mandate. The Mission was to help the project achieve its objectives. The Task Team Leader (TTL) for RPLRPat the World Bank,Mr Kevin Crockford, expressed his pleasure in undertaking the mission and asserted that it would show how the project is taking shape, look at all the components, and sub-components and their specific technical issues. The mission also looked at financial, procurement, social and environmental safeguards issues.In terms of rating, the TTL was hopeful that the project can build on what it has now and move out of Moderately Satisfactory to something better.RPLRP is a very important project for which the Government and the World Bank have the joint responsibility to ensure it succeeds in achieving its project development objectives.
 The National Project Co-ordinator for RPLRP, Dr. Stephen Kajura, gave a presentation on all the five components of the project indicating various achievements and challenges.

The Social safeguard Specialist of the World Bank, Ms. Georgina Manyuru, stated that from field observations, she concluded there was an inclusion of project area communities in every aspect of RPLRP activities. She noted that co-ordination was good with regular flow of communication among stakeholders, especially with the communities. Though there were challenges such as misunderstandings between a few communities over land, these were easily resolved with the active mediation of community chiefs, District leaders and RPLRP.