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The National Steering Committee

The National Steering Committee (NSC):  is chaired by the Permanent Secretary, MAAIF Mr. Pius Wakabi Kasajja.  The 3rd RPLRP National Steering Committee meeting was held on 17th August 2017 and chaired by Ms. Ethel Kamba – Under Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries. Members of the committee included;

  1. Mr. Gwotuko Martin – CAO Moroto
  2. Mr. Wotunya Peter – CAO Kumi
  3. Ms. Rose Nakabugo – Asst Commissioner Disaster Mgt – OPM
  4. Prof. Rutaisire Justus – Director Corporate Affairs – NARO
  5. Mr. Agaba Raymond – Commissioner Internal Trade – MTIC
  6. Mr. Mukumbya Paul -   Commisioner East African Community Ring States Department –MOFA
  7. Mr. Turyomurugyendo William -  Commissioner Planning –MLHUD
  8. Architect Edward Simbwa - Ag. Commissioner Public Structures-MoWT
  9. Eng. Richard Cong - Commissioner Water for Production –MWE
  10. Mr. Paul OkotOkello - Commissioner District Administration- MLG
  11. Mr. Titus Kajura - Senior Economist-MFPED
  12. Dr. Kajura Stephen - Assisatant Commissioner Animal Nutrition/NPC –MAAIF

It is this committee that ensures coordination with similar ongoing and planned interventions addressing pastoralists and agro-pastoralists resilience in the project areas approving of the annual Project Work Plan and ensuring that the project is on track.

The committee met at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala and discussed a number of issues that included;

i.  Presentation of Project Performance Report  FY 2016/17

ii.  Discussion of Project Performance Report  FY 2016/17

iii. Presentation of the Project Annual Work plan FY 2017/18

iv. Discussion of the Project Annual Work plan FY 2017 /18






Project performance as at 2016/17 was presented as below;

Presentation of the Project Performance Report FY 2016/17

The Project Coordinator presented the Performance Report for FY 2016/17 and component heads provided the following additions to the report;



  1. Consultant submitting detailed designs soon.
  2. On rehabilitation of degraded rangelands, rangelands already mapped and land use.
  3. IGAD developed platforms for fodder banks whose terms of reference had been developed by the NRM component.



  1. Site selection had been completed.



  1. Memorandum of understanding between MAAIF and NARO to be signed next.
  2. The meeting was informed that districts were working on the long list for alternative livelihoods.


  1. Developing of contingency plans for the districts ongoing.


  • It was however noted that a number of challenges were being faced by the project thus affecting its implementation which included:
  • Delays in the procurement process.
  • Delays in work plan approval thus leading to delays in funds requests by the project.
  • Staff turnover especially technical staff.
  • The severe drought that hit the project area in the last 7 months greatly affected the region.
  • Influx of large herds of livestock from neighboring countries thus constraining the limited resources.
  • Securing land titles for infrastructure sub projects.