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Conflict sensitivity and prevention training

Conflict sensitivity and prevention training was spearheaded by IGAD under thePastoralismand Stabilityin the Sahel and the Horn of Africa (PASSHA) Project bringing together RPLRP project countries ; Kenya , Ethiopia and Uganda and 6 PRAPS Countries of West Africa.

Events in Sahel, Horn of Africa and central Africa led to the need to understand the link between stability/conflict prevention and pastoralism.Pastoralism can often create conflict but it is also the solution while macro-level conflicts impede pastoral development
The types of conflicts in pastoral areas include:Localized conflicts between pastoralists and farmers, or between pastoralists over access to natural resources, cattle raiding, damage to crops, armed groups and militias manipulated for political reasons around ethnic identity, nationalism, and proliferation of light weapons, weakened governance systems and loss of traditional methods of conflict management ,criminal activities like drug and human trafficking, contraband, money laundering, and armed gangs around these issues.
All which impede development and growth thus the urgent need for conflict resolution.
It was a 5 day training that took place in Naivasha, Kenya.

The objective of the training was to equip participants mainly safeguard specialists with skills to use the Conflict Sensitivity and Prevention tool kit.
The training was a follow up training following the one held in Dakar Senegal in December 2016 meant to finalise on the Conflict Sensitivity and Prevention Checklist to be officially used by project implementers.