The Mid Term Review

At this half way point in the implementation of the Regional Pastoral Livelihoods Resilience Project, the World Bank TTL, Mr Kevin Crockford reflects on the initiatives that have happened to drive progress against the four areas that matter most in the project area:
(i) Increasing access to sustainably managed water and land resources for pastoral and agro pastoral communities
(ii) Developing and strengthening market infrastructure and market information systems at national and regional levels
(iii) Increasing pastoral and agro pastoral livelihood options
And (iv) reducing risks due to drought and conflicts related to access to natural resources.
The objective of the MTR was to: (i) assess implementation progress and constraints to date; (ii) review projected work plans and budgets; (iii) assess whether the project development objectives (PDO) can be achieved and whether the project design is still appropriate to achieve the PDO; and (iv) identify any necessary adjustments to the project design, and project results framework to ensure achievement of the PDO.
Mr Crockford said:
“When we launched this project we understood that this project’s deliverables were needed to enable a transformation in the lifestyle of the beneficiaries. This mid-term review shows that positive transformation is exactly what is happening.
“There has been real progress against priorities since 2015, at a time when the project was approved by the parliament.
“We will continue to drive positive transformation for all those who live, work and learn in the district. There are more challenging times ahead and still lots to be done but we will continue on our journey to improve services for the beneficiaries,” said the National Project Coordinator, Dr. Stephen Kajura.