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RPLRP Project restructuring workshop

The Mid Term Review (MTR) for the Regional Pastoral Livelihoods Resilience Project (RPLRP) took place in November 2017 with a follow-up regional workshop in Djibouti in January 2018. The objective of the MTR was to: (i) assess implementation progress and constraints to date; (ii) review projected work plans and budgets; (iii) assess whether the project development objectives (PDO) can be achieved and whether the project design is still appropriate to achieve the PDO; and (iv) identify any necessary adjustments to the project design, and project results framework to ensure achievement of the PDO.
The key MTR issues included: constraining implementation including (a) team resources and capacity; (b) institutional arrangements for decision making; (c) major changes in implementation arrangements - specify the duration of delay for key issues; (d) political events; (e) or other. Propose solutions where possible.
Key Restructuring suggestions included: (a) proposed increases/ decreases in funding by component; (b) proposed changes to the results framework; (c) proposed changes to implementation arrangements (such as adoption of community based procurement) (d) what the rationale for the proposed change.
i.To give feedback to stakeholders about Mid-Term Review
ii.To review changes in activities, targets and costs resulting from Mid-Term Review
The workshop participants included: the District Chief Administrative Officers, District Project Coordinators for the RPLRP, Monitoring and Evaluation Officers and the National Project Coordination Unit members.