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Project restores 600 hectares of pastoral land

More than 600 hectares of communal rangelands in pastoral areas have been rehabilitated under the Regional Pastoral Livelihoods Resilience Project. Although rangelands occupy between 18–23 per cent of world land area, and play critical economic, social roles and home to biodiversity, little scientific and media attention has been given to these areas. Instead, individuals and governments tend to convert these rangelands into single uses like livestock keeping and extract maximum value over a short period, including bush burning.

With such practices, no individuals are held liable for long-term damage to the ecosystem. But one of the core objectives of this project, is to increase rangelands pastures through sustainable land management. The project is supporting the identification, mapping, sustainable development and management of rangelands and land resources through participatory involvement of the beneficiary communities.

The project has identified that rangelands can be used sustainably if their ecosystems are maintained intact; they are most productive when most biodiverse, assuming they are put to a variety of uses. A clear strategy for maintaining biodiversity is to put rangelands to diverse uses which would increase potential export income and make more effective use of diverse vegetation than any anthropic system. This will require users of the
rangelands to maintain rangelands biodiversity.