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Livestock Market Information System Training

Access to accurate and timely market information among pastoralist livestock producers and market actors is a perennial concern, even more so following the immense emphasis and efforts placed on improving livestock production in drylands. Livestock production being the major (and in most cases the only) source of livelihoods for communities in the drylands of Karamoja, Teso and Sebei, the need to address the full continuum of livestock production from breeding all the way to market access cannot be overemphasized.

Consequently, many attempts are being made by different stakeholders —both governmental and non-governmental actors— to collect real time market information. For example, the Ministry of Agriculture , Animal Industry and Fisheries through the RPLRP has sought to increase income from sales of livestock focusing on enhancing market access for pastoralists and other market actors by working to increase prevalence and use of market information systems among traders and producers thus the installation and training in the use of the LIVESTOCK MARKET INFORMATION SYSTEM