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Ground breaking for construction of sub projects

Through RPLRP ,the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries kick started construction of livestock watering and marketing infrastructure in the beneficiary districts where facilities such as the Tajar valley tank in Bukedea district, Cheptere Valley Tank in Kween, Aooyalet Valley Tank in Nakapiripirit, Nakumama Valley Tank in Napak, Agurut valley tank in Kumi, Onganyakonye valley tank in Amuria, Omunga valley tank in Abim and the Usake Dam in Kaabong district are to be established.

As a way of developing market infrastructure and improving the market information system, the project kick-started the establishment of Ajesai Holding Ground in Katakwi district, Akoromit Cattle Market in Kumi, Nyero Slaughter Shed in Kumi, Ocorimongin Cattle Market in Katakwi, Olilim Quarantine Station in Katakwi, Ongino Cattle market in Kumi, Pamba Slaughter shed in Katakwi, Kakolya Border Check point in Moroto, Nakiloro Border check point in Moroto, Iriri Quarantine station in Napak, Kalolo Slaughter shed in Kaabong, Morwata Border check point in Kaabong, Sidok Quarantine Station in Kaabong, Bukedea Cattle market in Bukedea, Chepsikunya Cattle market in Kween, Kachumbala Slaughter House in Bukedea, Ngenge Quarantine Station in Kween, Alakas Cattle market in Amudat, Kagata Holding ground in Nakapiripirit and the Kagata Quarantine station also in Nakapiripirit.

In addition to this infrastructure,the project is also putting in place Kagata Slaughter shed in Nakapiripirit district, Kaichom Slaughter shed in Amudat, Karita Border check point in Amudat, Kangole Cattle market in Napak, Lorengthora Slaughter shed in Napak, Nakiloro Regional Market in Moroto, Lobul Quarantine station in Kotido, Lokitalebu Regional Market in Kotido, Lotuke Cattle market in Abim, Maaru Holding Ground in Kotido, Obangangeo Slaughter shed in Abim, Rengen Slaughter shed in Kotido and the Kadumaakuj Regional market in Kaabong.