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Water Infrastructure Construction Progress

Now in its fourth year of implementation, one of the thematic areas of the Regional Pastoral Livelihood Resilience Project (RPLRP) is to increase access to sustainably managed water and land resources for pastoral and agro pastoral communities.
The water infrastructure is meant to directly support the livestock since the project area is drought prone. The project therefore endeavors to ensure that Infrastructure for improved access to water resources for pastoral and agro-pastoral communities is realized and sustainably managed.  
Under the RPLRP, a number of water infrastructures along cross-border migration routes are being rehabilitated and new ones constructed. The project has committed to ensuring that all the water infrastructure remains operational and sustainably managed.
Construction of a total of 104 boreholes, 7 valley tanks and one valley dam started the end of 2018. 
All contracts for these infrastructure were signed in November 2018 and construction commenced immediately. It is projected that by August 2019, boreholes and valley tanks will be completed and valley dam constructions will be above 80% completion. So far 40 boreholes have been completed.