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Bee Keeping among the Pastoral Communities of Karamoja, Teso and Sebei

In Karamoja region, before the introduction of the project, bee keeping was not acknowledged by the pastoral communities as source of food and income. After the introduction of bee keeping as an alternative livelihood by the project in 2018, the Pastoral communities are now very interested in bee keeping as an alternative livelihood. They have now started making their own bee hives in addition to what the project set for them as demonstrations. For that matter they have invited experts to train them in making bee hives from local materials like tree trucks, grass and timber. The communities cherish these hives because they have the following advantages

- Easy to make and affordable by communities

- During drought they are cool and keep the hives and honey safe

- They attract bees easily because of the nature (look like tree trucks). 

This has led to benefits such as;

- Source of income for households especially women.

- The youth and women groups have joined to form organized bee associations to ensure improvement in production and marketing of their bee product. These groups are now being recognized by district and national organizations such as The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organization (TUNADO) that has come up to train the groups in making bee hives from local materials.