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Districts Register an Increase in Livestock Numbers

To transform the lives of the farmers in its project areas, the project distributed 1800 Gala and Boer goats and 360 Sahiwal Bulls to the 12 project districts in 2018 and 2019.  Farmers in the districts have seen a decline in the animal deaths as a result of the growing resilience among the communities. Mr. Zachary Lokuna the chairperson of Kaabong Dairy Cooperation attributed this change to the declining death rates, increase in productivity and production of cattle through births as a result of the distributed drought tolerant breeds that have cross bred with the local cattle and goats in the project area. The project has registered an increase in the population of cattle by 1.4% and number of goats increased by 2.48% within a period of 6 months. These numbers are expected to rise as the year rolls out.