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Livestock Death Rates Decline in Project Area

Infrastructure to protect and improve animal health has been constructed by the project in the Karamoja, Teso and Sebei districts. A total of 60 cattle crushes have been constucted with an aim of improving the response to animal disease outbreaks in the region. Livestock owners in the manyattas and kraals use these facilities for regular vaccination and treatment of their herds.  The project has registered a significant decline in the livestock death rate from 0.5 to 0.077 of livestock (cattle) in the project area since 2015 when baseline was done. This is attributed to continuous interventions by the project in the livestock health services and systems. There is improvement in cross border vaccinations against PPR, FMD and CBPP, disease surveillance and immediate reporting. Where disease is reported, there has been quick response to quarantine the movement of animals from one district to another and beyond. This decline in deaths of livestock has helped the communities register an increase in the numbers of livestock they own.