Farmers Reaping from Breed Improvement Interventions by the Project

In 2018, the Project with an aim of improving the productivity of the livestock in the Karamoja, Teso, and Sebei sub-region invested in proven breed improvement strategies.  Identification of drought-tolerant high-yielding breeds of the Sahiwal bulls and the Galla and Boer goats was carried out by the regional agricultural research institutions in the region (Nabuin, and Serere).  

Today, farmers in the region are reaping from the distributed drought-tolerant breeds. Many have registered 5 to 6 offsprings thus expanding their herds and also there is an increase in milk production amidst the harsh weather conditions in the region. The new breeds mature and gain weight at a fast rate thereby increasing farmers' incomes from the sale of Grade A fattened well mature drought tolerant breeds.

Participatory breed selection was done in collaboration with the communities, NGOs, and other organizations that have past experience in breed improvement programs in the ASALs.  Selected livestock breeders were supported through training and demonstrations on the benefits of improved genetics in livestock production in the region by the ministry.
Male superior breeding animals were distributed to serve as breeding males for members of the communities. The husbandry of the males was the responsibility of the identified farmer who may charge a fee agreed upon by the group members for each service. 

"I request that the government blesses us with more of these breeds, sorry for sounding as another David Copperfield, Remarked Agnes Alungat one of the host farmers in Abim District. "

Many of the host farmers have registered good results from this intervention thereby registering an improvement in their livelihoods.