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Component 4: Pastoral Risk Management

The expected outcome of this component is enhanced drought preparedness, prevention and management. The component addresses thematic areas related to:

  • Early Warning and Response Systems (EWRS); and
  • Risks and conflict management. It has two sub-components which are summarized in the sections below.

Sub-component 4.1: Pastoral Risk Early Warning and Response System

The sub-component aims at ensuring that early warning information is readily available, disseminated on timely basis, and understood by all stakeholders. Strengthening structures of project teams, EWRS in MAAIF, districts and other relevant ministries to collect, analyze and disseminate information and build their capacities (personnel, training, equipment) will be funded under the Project. Veterinary and para-veterinary officers and CAHWs will be trained and equipped with bicycles, and motorcycles for collecting meteorological data.

Sub-component 4.2: Drought Disaster Risk Management

This sub-component focuses on developing and monitoring the implementation of ex-ante reduction measures for effective drought risk management; harmonizing and mainstreaming drought disaster risk management policies; and setting up contingency funding mechanisms at national and regional levels for effective and timely responses.